Introduction to Modified Strongman WORKSHOP

If you have not tried Modified Strongman Training or if you are thinking about becoming a qualified MST Instructor you should join the Introduction to MST Workshop at Strongman Academy UK in London.

At the MST Workshop you will:

  • Learn all about Modified Strongman Training.

  • Understand the benefits of Modified Strongman Training.

  • Participate in a Modified Strongman session lead by Head Instructor Liz Barker.

  • Break down six key Modified Strongman Training movements including prowler push, backwards sled drag, forwards prowler push, sled rope drag, farmers walk and tyre flip.

  • Discover the reasons why you should become a Modified Strongman Training Instructor.

  • Have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with experienced MST Instructors.

After the Workshop

On completion of the Workshop, as well as being exhausted, you will have an excellent understanding of Modified Strongman Training.

If you are thinking about becoming a qualified MST Instructor you can continue to the Level 1 Certificate - Modified Strongman Instructor course.

Corporate - We offer group rates for gyms and companies wanting to get teams certified. Contact us for more info.



If you have any questions, contact us.