Level 2 certificate - Modified Strongman Instructor

This e-learning course is delivered online for Level 1 Certified Modified Strongman Instructors who want to take their knowledge of MST beyond a class format and learn how to use it to supplement training programmes for strength, fat loss, rehabilitation and sports specific for athletes.

On successful completion of the course Instructors will elevate their certification Modified Strongman Instructor - Level 2. 

Learning Aims

The aims of the Level 2 Certificate course include:

  • Learn advanced strongman exercise variations.

  • Learn how to use strongman training to make you better at doing the movements that you're trying to do.

  • Learn MST complexes for hypertrophy, endurance and metabolic conditioning.

  • Understand progressive programming so you can write training plans for your clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to prescribe strongman training in client programmes to improve performance.

  • Be able to use MST with clients as part of rehabilitation programmes.

Course Structure

This is an e-learning course delivered online, allowing learners to study at their own pace, on any device, anywhere in the world.

An optional Practical Training day is available to all learners for the opportunity to meet with instructors, other learners, get hands-on with MST equipment and take the assessment without the need to submit video evidence.

Learning Resources

All Instructors enrolled on the Level 2 Certificate are supported with:

  • Online e-learning videos and images

  • Downloadable PDF manual

  • Test Your Knowledge quizzes at the end of each section.

  • Sample training programmes showing use of MST for strength, fat loss, rehabilitation and sports specific.

  • Online tutor and community support.

  • Option to attend a Practical Training day.

Study Time

The recommended study time for the course is 20 hours plus the option of an additional practical training day.

Entry Requirements

Learners wishing to study towards Modified Strongman Instructor - Level 2 must;

  1. Be a Modified Strongman Instructor - Level 1

  2. Be a Member of Strongman Academy UK

Assessment Requirements

  • Online knowledge check.

  • Online video submission demonstrating you can safety instruct the advanced MST movements.

  • Online case study. You will be given a client profile for which you have to write a 12 week programme for.

Payment Method

The Level 2 course is £299

The Level 2 course PLUS Practical Training day is £349

After Certification

On successful completion of Level 2 Certificate instructors will;

  1. Receive a Certificate from Strongman Academy UK as a Certified Modified Strongman Instructor - Level 2.

  2. Be able to apply for position of Master Trainer - offering the chance to deliver Level 1 courses.

Application to enrol in Level 2 Certificate - Modified Strongman Instructor

You must be a Modified Strongman Instructor - Level 1 and be a Member of Strongman Academy UK to enrol in Level 2. Please complete the form below to receive your invitation to enrol.

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