Level 1 certificate - Modified Strongman Instructor Course

The Modified Strongman Instructor Course - Level 1 is for fitness professionals or enthusiasts who want to become qualified Modified Strongman Instructors, certified in this awesome training format to deliver positive body transformations, provide support for athletic based training and enjoy increased class revenue earning potential.

This e-learning course, with optional Practical Training day, is delivered online and teaches safe, proper and efficient movement using Strongman objects, how to coach Modified Strongman movements, how to incorporate Modified Strongman Training (MST) methodology and how to programme a Modified Strongman class.

On successful completion of the course learners will achieve certification as a Modified Strongman Instructor - Level 1, qualified to teach MST classes.

Learning Aims

  • Understand the main uses for Modified Strongman Training in fat loss, athletic conditioning and rehabilitation.

  • Learn advanced MST exercises using equipment like sleds, prowlers, farmers carry, kegs, logs, sledge hammers and tyres.

  • Learn how to apply MST when designing a class programme.

  • Gain knowledge of movement patterns and cues and use in practical training situations.

  • Learn how to use language to begin, support and motivate your class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the features and benefits of Modified Strongman Training for athletes, fat loss and rehabilitation.

  • How to use Modified Strongman equipment such as the sled, prowler and tyre.

  • Ability to programme MST classes.

  • Communication skills when delivering a MST class.

Course Structure

This is an e-learning course allowing learners to study at your own pace, on any device, anywhere in the world.

For the course curriculum - and to enrol - visit strongmanacademy.co.uk/online.

Practical Training day (optional)

If you have limited or no strongman training experience the optional Practical Training day at our facility in London is highly recommended.

The full day is an opportunity to get hands-on with MST equipment, meet with instructors and other learners and take your assessment without the need to submit video evidence.

You can buy the course including the practical training day, but you must complete the online element of the course before attending. You are able to book your Practical Training day once you have completed the online course.

Learning Resources

All learners on the Level 1 Certificate Modified Strongman Instructor course are supported with:

  • A comprehensive PDF course manual to download or view in the online learning environment.

  • Detailed text, photo and video e-learning content.

  • Test Your Knowledge quizzes at the end of each section.

  • Sample MST lesson plans.

  • Online tutor and community support.

  • Option to attend a Practical Training day.

Study Time

We recommend a minimum 2 weeks or 20 hours study time - plus optional Practical Training day.


This course is endorsed by EMD UK - The National Governing Body for Group Exercise and is recognised by REPs, awarding 2 CPD points.


Entry Requirements

There are no prior qualifications required to enrol in this course. However, if you have never taken a Modified Strongman class it is recommended to first attend a class or the Introduction to Modified Strongman Training Workshop, if possible.

Learners must be aged 16 years old and above.

Assessment Requirements

To successfully complete this course learners must:

  1. Programme and submit a Modified Strongman Training class plan

  2. Submit video evidence that shows competency instructing others to safely execute exercises using core apparatus - sled, prowler, farmers walk, tire and sledgehammer.*

*If attending the Practical Training day at Strongman Academy UK learners will not be required to submit video evidence if they pass their assessment on the day.



The Modified Strongman Instructor Course - Level 1 is delivered entirely online with an optional practical training day.

The Level 1 course is £299.

The Level 1 course with optional Practical Training day is £449.


Funding Support

As this course is endorsed by EMD UK if you are a UK citizen you could get up to £125 towards the course fee from their Open Bursary scheme. To get the funding you MUST first apply for it through EMD UK, and then enrol in this course.

For more information, to check if you qualify and apply for funding support - click here.

Corporate - We offer group rates for gyms and companies wanting to get teams certified. Contact us for more info.

After Certification

On successful completion of this course learners are entitled to;

  1. Teach Modified Strongman Training classes*

  2. Become a Member of Strongman Academy UK

  3. Enrol in Level 2 Certificate - Modified Strongman Instructor

*Subject to holding at least Gym Instructor - Level 2 certification, Public liability insurance, First Aid and DBS criminal record clearance (venue requirement may vary).

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