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What is MOdified Strongman?


Strongman competitors are among the most powerful, most versatile athletes in the sporting world. Strength, power, stamina, functionality; you name the strength and conditioning component, these human bulldozers have it.

Making use of all the training toys you’d expect to see in competitive strongman, Modified Strongman Training are strongman exercises adapted to suit any level of fitness; if you are bustling with muscle or have never lifted a weight before.

Modified Strongman Training is a no holds barred workout that will leave you heart pounding and dripping with sweat, whether you are a pro athlete or complete beginner, male or female.

A typical session could see you flipping tyres, pushing or dragging weighted sleds, performing farmers walks and a lot more!

Try Strongman for free!

Strongman Academy UK is also the home of award-winning boxing club Total Boxer® in North London. If you are interested in becoming a Modified Strongman Instructor you can try a class for FREE at Total Boxer®. Simply choose your preferred class time and then select ‘First Class Free’ at





Liz Barker

One the UK's foremost fitness coaches and Modified Strongman Instructors, Liz has 17 years of extensive industry experience delivering more than 10,000 hours as a personal trainer and strength coach in a number of world class gyms and is a firm believer in the remarkable benefits of MST.

Passionate about the virtues of Modified Strongman training, Liz successfully built two London gyms, City Strongman and The Foundry, before co-founding Strongman Academy UK in 2019.

Whether the goal is to improve sporting performance, at any level, get the physique you have always wanted, or recover from injury quickly, according to Liz, “modified strongman training will hands down deliver the results you want with plenty of fun thrown in for good measure”.


Matt Garcia

An England Boxing coach and founder of Total Boxer®, the UK's first boutique boxing club in 2011, Matt conceived and developed now world-famous boxing training systems, including Get Fit Not Hit®BoxingYoga™ and HIIB® - leading to Total Boxer voted Best Boxing Club in North London and receiving the prestigious MINDBODY Visionary Award.

In 2018, Liz suggested introducing Strongman at Total Boxer and Matt hasn’t looked back. “I’ve been delighted with the success of Strongman at Total Boxer and proud to have established the Strongman Academy with Liz so more instructors and gyms can introduce this awesome class to their members.”